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Pinoy in time of Asian pop culture (Part 1)

The Philippines is a melting pot of culture. Through centuries, we have learned to embrace the lifestyle and philosophy of foreign counterparts whether by choice, by chance, or by force. Looking at the spectrum of media, in the early to mid-90’s, Filipinos were immersed in Mexican and Spanish telenovelas. These canned programs became a fad yet did not bring much change in the culture since the Hispanic influence has been running in the Filipino blood ever since.

The new millennium opened the gateway of Asian influence — starting from the famous group of young college boys who have a thing for this tough girl, down to the introduction of Korean dramas that spell out unfading love, and even pop groups that have made teenage girls scream their lungs out like how the older generation have fallen in trance with the charm of The Beatles.

Our pop culture has been invaded by the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean in so many ways. It shaped the young Filipino’s preference in so many ways. Their hairstyles changed, their food preferences changed, their fashion, their language, their songs, or even the category of good-looking persons have been adjusted from the usual western mestizas/mestizo to a more Asian-looking tamed face.

As we romanticise with all the pop culture trend, it is quite a wonder how the youth can still stand out as a Filipino with love for the country despite their looks and their language screaming out their passion for our Southeast Asian counterpart. asks one question to Manila Tour Guide Carlos Celdran about this topic.


In the emergence of colonial appreciation through music, food, language, fashion, etc., what is one thing you wish that young Filipinos will keep in mind to keep their sense of nationalism alive? And why?

Carlos Celdran: Just be a good person. Period. Being a good Filipino will come about retroactively.

What do Asian pop culture fanatics say? And, do they somehow put aside our own heritage? What good things come to them because of these influences? Check out their answers here.

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